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Syria’s Democracy and Lebanon’s Independence
May 25, 2015
Author: Eric Reidy
  One year before his assassination, Samir Kassir published a book entitled “Syria’s Democracy and Lebanon’s Independence.” The book discussed the deeply intertwined relations between the neighboring countries and argued that Lebanon would never achieve true independence until Syria was governed by a democratic regime. On May 22, the Samir Kassir Foundation organized a public lecture at Université Saint-Joseph to revisit the subject as part of the Beirut Spring Festival,

Austin Tice’s mother asks his abductors to let him speak to her
May 20, 2015
 Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Christophe Deloire, SKeyes Center executive director Ayman Mhanna, and Debra Tice, the mother of kidnapped US journalist Austin Tice, gave a news conference at the Press Club in Beirut on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at which they called for him to be released “as quickly as possible.”A hostage in Syria since 14 August 2012, Austin Tice completed his 1,000th day in captivity last week.Invoking UN Security Council Resolution 1738 of 2006 on the prote

Telling the Syrian Story to the International Public Opinion
May 17, 2015
Author: Anna Lekas Miller
 Despite four years of continuous atrocities, and literally hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths in Syria, the news of the war is not reported nearly to same level as other wars. Whether it is the lack of ‘news’ in these now routine atrocities, or the information overload from a horrific war, it is getting more and more difficult to access and tell these stories, which translates into a lack of action being taken on the ground in Syria. As journalists, how do we get our editors to c

Human Rights and Freedom of Expression: a Challenge for the Lebanese Judicial System
May 11, 2015
Author: Michael Amery
On May 8 and 9, 2015, the European Union delegation to Lebanon organized the EU-Lebanon cooperation days, an annual event aimed at highlighting and exploring the areas of EU partnership with Lebanon. As part of the event a series of panel discussions were organised to take an in depth look at some of the issues facing the EU and Lebanon today. One of these discussions was entitled “Human rights and freedom of expression, a challenge for the judicial system.” Ayman Mhanna, the Executive Direc

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