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The European Union launches the 10th edition of the "Samir Kassir Award for Freedom of
Lebanese gather to remember the victims of Paris attacks
Two Rudaw journalists reported kidnapped in Syria
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Beirut shows solidarity with Charlie Hebdo on historic day for France
January 12, 2015
Author: Richard Hall
Source: Global Post
 It was fitting that Lebanon’s own rally in support of the murdered Charlie Hebdo journalists took place in Samir Kassir Square.The small park in downtown Beirut, lined with trees full of birds surrounding a fountain, takes its name from a Lebanese journalist who was assassinated in 2005. He was killed by a bomb placed under the driver’s seat of his car, parked outside of his home in the east of the city.Kassir was not a satirist, but he was an outspoken opponent of the Syrian occupatio

Lebanese View France’s Violence in Context of Greater Woes
January 11, 2015
Author: Raja Abdulrahim and Dana Ballout
Source: The Wall Street Journal
Leaders and politicians throughout the Middle East have roundly condemned the attack in Paris, but in a region facing its own violence and attacks on freedom of expression, the news from France was widely met with a nod and shrug.“The most minor things here aren’t guaranteed, so people don’t care about other things. Here their concerns are water, electricity and livelihood,” said Rana Idriss, the decorator at Gustav Patisserie, a family-owned bakery where macaroons and fruit tarts serve

Polite dissent
January 10, 2015
Author: Ana Maria Luca
Source: NOW
Psychiatrist: Let’s start from the beginning; has anything changed in your life recently? Caliph Ibrahim: Has anything changed in my life? Are you kidding me? We have announced the caliphate! Psychiatrist: The what? The caliphate? Are you serious? Caliph Ibrahim: Do I look like someone who jokes? Don’t you follow the news?This exchange is from a blog published in July by the well-known satirist Karl Sharro. His blog, Karl reMarks, is extraordinarily popular among the Lebanese

Press and Cultural Freedom Violations November 2014
November 30, 2014
In Syria, regime forces killed journalist Emad Al-Aqayla in Daraa, before burning his body; three citizen journalists were also killed and two others suffered injuries.In the West Bank, an Israeli soldier used a Palestinian photographer as a human shield to protect himself from young protesters in Kfar Kadum, while the Arutz Sheva daily dismissed a Palestinian journalist following an article in which he deplores the lack of shelter and sirens among the Negev’s Arab residents. A

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