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Human Rights and Media Freedom Organizations Condemn Prosecution of Activist Ahmad Amhaz
'The prime minister’s a donkey': Lebanese activist faces jail for animal comments
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SKeyes Joins the International Coalition in Favor of a Special Representative for the Safety of Journalists
February 28, 2017
On February 27, 2017, the SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom joined a worldwide coalition of NGOs, media outlets, journalists and prominent public figures to support Reporters Without Borders (RSF) initiative for the creation of a Special Representative to the United Nations Secretary General for the safety of journalists. It is an urgent issue for all those who want to end violence against reporters and defend access to information around the world.The coalition has issued the followi

After taming the Lebanese state, it is the media’s turn
February 16, 2017
Author: Diana Moukalled
Source: Arab News
Lebanon is going through a critical time. The recent attempt to storm the headquarters of a Lebanese TV channel dispelled almost all hope for a political reconciliation and strong state approach. We are back to square one.We watched angry demonstrators attacking the headquarters of Al-Jadeed TV in protest against a broadcast comedy sketch they said was insulting to Shiite cleric Musa Al-Sadr, who disappeared after traveling to Libya in the mid-1970s. The skit also depicted other figures, includi

Sabbah Brothers Distribution Company Decides not to Screen Egypt’s Mawlana in Lebanon
February 15, 2017
Source: Beirut – Skeyes
 The Sabbah Brothers distribution company decided, on February 7, 2017, not to screen the Egyptian film Mawlana in Lebanese cinemas if the General Security’s censorship department insisted on censoring 12 minutes of the movie. The company has also submitted a petition to the General Security and the Ministry of the Interior Nohad Al-Mashnouk asking them to reconsider their position.“The movie supervision committee had required that 12 minutes be removed from the film before it can be sc

We told you about Saydnaya... More than eight years ago!
February 9, 2017
On December 18, 2008, SKeyes published a story about shootings at and a military deployment around the Saydnaya prison in Syria. What Amnesty International revealed earlier this week shows the scale of the massacre that has been taking place in the infamous prison long before the 2011 uprising.The story mentions Firas Saad, who had served prison time in Saydnaya. After his release, he wrote extensively about his experience, and about how the Assad regime used Saydnaya as a lab to test how radica