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Syrian journalists critically injured in bomb attack on home
Syrian journalist in Turkey survives second assassination attempt
The European Union rewards three journalists from Syria and Egypt, winners of the 2016
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Lebanese Band With Gay Frontman Says It Was Banned From Jordan for Promoting Devil-Worship
April 29, 2016
Author: Vanetia Rainey
 Music lovers and freedom of speech-defenders across the Arab world were up in arms this week over the Jordanian government's last-minute decision to cancel a concert by Lebanese alternative indie-rock band Mashrou' Leila, raising questions about growing censorship in one of the region's most liberal countries.The hugely popular band, whose songs tackle taboo subjects such as political oppression and LGBT rights and whose lead singer is openly gay, were scheduled to perform in Amman's histo

“Untraditional” Lebanese band Mashrou’ Leila banned in Amman
April 29, 2016
Author: Alex Rowell
Source: NOW
Just three days before one of Lebanon’s most popular bands, Mashrou’ Leila (“Night Project”), was due to perform before a packed audience in downtown Amman’s historic Roman amphitheater, the news broke that permission to hold the concert had been revoked by the authorities, angering thousands of ticket-holders and general fans of the band throughout the Middle East and beyond. “We deeply regret to inform you that unfortunately we will not be able to perform our concert in Amman

MARCH launches "Know your Digital Rights" Booklet
April 18, 2016
For a long time, Lebanon’s internet was still considered free and uncensored.But due to a lack of regulation and accountability practices, censorship of internet activities is on the rise in Lebanon.MARCH designed a booklet where you can find all your rights as an online activist or as a regular internet user.To access the full booklet please click on the link below:Know your Digital Rights Booklet

Syrian journalist Zaher al-Shurqat killed in Turkey
April 13, 2016
Source: Committee to Protect Journalists
Syrian journalist Zaher al-Shurqat died on April 12, 2016, after being shot Sunday [April 9] in the southern Turkish town of Gaziantep, according to news reports. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility, making this the fourth Syrian journalist it claims to have targeted for murder in Turkey in six months.A masked man on Sunday approached the 36-year-old journalist on a street in Gaziantep, near Turkey's Syrian border, shot him in the head, and fled the scene, according to press reports.

Mission Journal: Rise in journalist arrests tarnishes Jordan's image as reformist
March 23, 2016
Author: Jason Stern
Source: Committee to Protect Journalists
The phone call came just as our conversation about the escalating crackdown on Jordanian media hit its stride. Lina Ejeilat, the co-founder of the news website 7iber (pronounced hebber), apologized and said she had to take the call. It was 7iber's lawyer and it was important. For years the website had fought against a requirement that all Jordanian news websites register with the government. I watched as Ejeilat learned the fight was finally over. 7iber would have to pay a 1,000 Jordanian dinar

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