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Swedish Journalist Free After Detention By Regime Forces In Syria
Tripoli Deserves Better Media Coverage
Syria: Free Human Rights Defenders Held 3 Years
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Press and Cultural Freedom Violations – January 2015
February 10, 2015
 The Islamic State executed Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, while four other citizen journalists were killed in Syria in January 2015. The Israeli forces attacked Palestinian journalists with teargas and stun grenades in the 1948 Territories, stormed their houses in the West Bank and beat them up in Gaza. In Lebanon, the General Security censorship bureau banned several play scripts and the distribution of two foreign newspapers. In Jordan, the authorities blocked access to a website; both

Call for Proposals EBTICAR: Supporting Innovation in Arab Online Media
February 10, 2015
 The development of online media worldwide and particularly in the Arab world is having a profound effect on the media sector and, in more general terms, on society. Ebticar-Media wishes to support those involved in this process of change by providing them with the funding that will enable them to develop and to structure their projects. Ebticar-Media (“ebticar” means “innovation” in Arabic, and also stands for “E-Booster for Technical and Innovative Contents in the Arab Region”

SKeyes and GCJD Host Conference on Covering Security Sector Institutions.
February 9, 2015
Author: Drew Mikhael
Executive Summary and Findings The tense relationship between news media and the security sector has been especially prevalent in the last few years as the Snowden files catapulted the conversation about the methods of security institutions into the public sphere. Similarly, the Leveson Inquiry in Britain has also highlighted that some media institutions are capable of breaching the public trust. The relationship between media and security is tenuous. Both sectors work in the interest

Jordan arrests two journalists on aiding terrorism charges
January 31, 2015
Source: Committee to Protect Journalists
Jordanian authorities arrested the owner of a local news website and the site's editor-in-chief on Wednesday [January 28, 2015], accusing the two of aiding terrorism and spreading false news in a report stating that an imprisoned Iraqi militant would be freed in a hostage negotiation deal, according to news reports.Hashim al-Khalidi, owner of Saraya News, and Seif Obeidat, the website's editor-in-chief, face up to 15 years in prison if convicted, news reports said. They are being held for 14 day

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