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SKeyes Statements | Syria

SKeyes calls for release of Lebanese journalist held by Syrian rebels
October 29, 2012
Source: Now Lebanon

Samir Kassir Eyes Foundation (SKeyes) issued a statement on Sunday calling for the immediate release of Lebanese journalist Fidaa Itani, who is being held hostage by Syrian rebels.

“The rebels announced that they were holding Itani… but pointed out that the reports and videos he made did not prove his involvement with any party against the revolution… The foundation condemns [his] arrest, especially that the rebels have denied that the journalist had in any way acted [against] them, which makes his arrest all the more illogical,” the statement said.

It added that Itani should be “immediately released,” and said that the rebels would be held responsible for any harm befalling the captive journalist.

On Saturday, Syrian rebels said that they arrested Itani and handed him over to the abductor of the 11 Lebanese pilgrims due to “suspicions” surrounding him, LBC television reported. 

The rebels holding the Lebanese journalist said that the latter’s “[affairs are not harmonious with] the trajectory of the Syrian Revolution and rebels.”