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CPJ Safety Advisory: Covering protests in Lebanon
Lebanon detains American journalist after covering Beirut protests
Press Freedom Organizations Condemn Attacks on Journalists in Lebanon Perpetrators of
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Journalists and Photographers Injured in the Downtown Beirut Clashes
January 18, 2020
On January 18, 2020, several journalists and photographers were injured while covering the clashes between the protesters and the security forces in downtown Beirut. An-Nahar photographer Marwan Assaf suffered suffocation after inhaling teargas fired at protesters by the security forces; he was then taken to the Saint George Hospital. Also, LBCI team members were injured after being hit by firecrackers, while security forces threw stones at Al-Jadeed crew members and several other journalists ne

Journalists assaulted, detained while covering protests in Beirut
January 16, 2020
Source: Committee to Protect Journalists
Since January 14, 2020, police officers have harassed, attacked, or detained journalists covering protests in Beirut, according to news reports and social media posts by local journalists.Protests against slow economic growth and alleged government corruption have been taking place sporadically in Beirut since October 2019, following a government move to enact new taxes on tobacco, gasoline, and digital data, according to news reports.On January 15, police officers beat and detained Greg Demarqu

Journalists protest police brutality
January 17, 2020
Author: Emily Lewis
Source: The Daily Star
Dozens of journalists and activists gathered outside the Interior Ministry in Beirut Thursday to denounce police brutality over the last three months of protests. They called for the interior minister to demand that police refrain from attacking journalists and for those guilty of using excessive force to be held accountable. Members of the Internal Security Forces and the Lebanese Army have repeatedly used excessive force against journalists covering the nationwide uprising that began on Oct. 1

Press and Cultural Freedom Violations in the Levant-November 2019
January 14, 2020
Violations against journalists, photographers, reporters, artists and activists continued on an almost daily basis in Lebanon during the month of November. Seven media professionals were assaulted, six prevented from filming, four insulted and two threatened at the hands of Amal and Hezbollah supporters, security forces and some protesters. Also, five journalists received WhatsApp threats and insults, while a sixth was bullied and threatened along with her mother. Moreover, a local TV channel wa

2020, a Digital Safety Year for Media Professionals
January 8, 2020
Author: Abdellah Bouhend
In 2017, BBC Arabic presenter and President of the Samir Kassir Foundation, Gisèle Khoury, had her phone hacked by the U.A.E. in the midst of diplomatic tensions between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Journalists and media professionals around the world are becoming targets for cyber-attacks and malicious hackers. With a new decade ahead and more cascading technological disruptions to come, digital safety becomes essential in an era of surveillance and cybercrime. While many media professionals tend t