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Call for Applications: Advanced Digital Security Training for Journalists in Lebanon, Sudan & Iraq

Source Internews
Friday , 01 April 2022

Deadline: 20 April 2022

Click to Read this Call for Applications in Arabic

Physical safety and online safety became indispensable today due to the large impact they weigh on journalists. Some journalists are still reluctant to use digital security tools due to their belief that they are complex and sophisticated. Nonetheless, journalists extensively contend with the dangers of cyber-attacks, especially in times of crisis. Great attention to the growing digital threats is strongly needed.
Physical safety and online safety became indispensable today due to the large impact they weigh on journalists.

To support journalists in deepening their understanding of digital security and safety in conflict, Internews is launching a second Advanced Digital Security Training. The training is tailored to help journalists deal with physical threats during conflicts and protect their information from intrusion.

This training is an opportunity for journalists working on human rights topics, including religious freedom.  By attending this training, participants will learn advanced strategies and tips to work safely in a highly sensitive environment. The training will also help them take the necessary steps to protect their data from being compromised due to online attacks.

Eligibility – Can I apply?

The program is open to journalists:

  • Who are nationals of Sudan, Iraq, and Lebanon, regardless of their current location of residency
  • Who have at least two years or more of experience in print, television, or online media.
  • Who have proven experience and/or interest in covering human rights and religious freedom topics.
  • Who are able to commit to attending the whole program and meeting the training requirements?

What do I need to attend the training?

To take part in the training, you will need a computer and a mobile with Internet access and some free memory to install the required software. A quiet setting will also help you focus and avoid distractions. It is preferable that you join the sessions from a computer or laptop and not from your phone.

Participants who complete the program will receive a $100 USD stipend to cover internet fees. The stipend is only paid after completing the training, attending 90% of the live sessions, and submitting all required assignments.

How to Apply?

  • All applicants are required to fill out the online form, answering all the stated questions. You can choose to apply in Arabic or in English, whichever you prefer.
  • All applicants should attach their CV and provide at least two links to content they have published.
  • Please note that the lack of any of the above requirements will immediately disqualify the applicant from screening their application.

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