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Fighting Impunity is a Political Choice

Tuesday , 02 November 2021
When we see the deep roots of impunity in the Arab world, the number of violations against journalists becomes of little importance. Governments and militias are perpetrating all forms of crimes against the media. They are taking the lives of journalists and writers, without any perpetrator being tried or held accountable. The latest example of criminal impunity is the assassination of Lebanese writer Lokman Slim in February 2021. No serious investigation has been carried out since, in a similar fashion to all other political assassinations.

Today, ending the culture of impunity remains the top priority, especially when criminals go to the extent of boasting about their ability to intimidate and silence the ones who are longing for justice.

Only accountability can prevent new tragedies. Only accountability can put an end to crimes. The killing of journalists does not happen by accident. It is a political decision with a political purpose. Standing up against it is a political decision with a higher political purpose.

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