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Roya TV's Fares Sayegh receives DW's Freedom of Speech Award

Source Roya TV
Sunday , 03 May 2020

Fares Sayegh, the General Manager of Roya TV, has received a Deutsche Welle (DW) Freedom of Speech Award, as Roya TV "contributed to providing up-to-date information on COVID-19."

"As one of Jordan’s leading media outlets, Roya TV has contributed to providing up-to-date information on COVID-19 and revealed deficiencies in the safety measures taken in the early stages of the outbreak in Jordan," according to DW's official website.

Since 2015, DW has presented the Award annually to a person or initiative that has shown outstanding commitment to human rights and freedom of expression in the media.

However, DW has decided to honor 17 journalists from 14 countries this year in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. 

The recipients are being honored on behalf of all media professionals around the world who are publishing independent information about the coronavirus pandemic while working under difficult conditions.

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