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Israeli security forces arrest a Palestinian journalist, and injure another covering protests

Tuesday , 04 February 2020
On February 2, 2020, Israeli security forces arrested Mohammad Melhem, a Palestinian reporter for the Hebron-based radio broadcaster Marah FM, while he was covering protests in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, according to news reports and a statement by the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate, a local press union.Marah FM posted photos on Facebook of Melhem’s arrest, in which the journalist can be seen in the back of an Israeli military vehicle.Also in Hebron yesterday, Shalaldeh, a freelance Palestinian journalist working on assignment for Qatari broadcaster Al-Jazeera Mubasher, suffered a skull fracture after being hit by a rubber bullet fired by Israeli security forces, according to news reports and the journalist’s brother, Loay Shaladeh.Both journalists were covering protests against the proposed peace plan for the region recently announced by U.S. President Donald Trump, according to those news reports.In a video shared widely on social media, Shalaldeh is seen immediately after being shot and is wearing a clearly marked press vest.“A female soldier shot him directly in the head with a rubber bullet and, even though he was wearing his helmet, he suffered a skull fracture,” Loay Shalaldeh told CPJ, relaying what his brother had told him. “He was transferred to Al-Ahly Hospital, where he stayed for 24 hours and was discharged earlier today.”The journalist’s brother said that doctors requested Shalaldeh return for check-ups over the next three days.

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