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Award-winning photojournalist Nabil Hasan Al-Qaiti assassinated in Aden

Source The New Arab
Thursday , 04 June 2020
Unidentified gunmen shot dead a renowned Yemeni photographer and journalist Nabil Hasan Al-Qaiti in Aden on Tuesday, June 2, 2020, in an apparent targeted assassination.

Militants opened fire on Al-Qaiti, near his home in the Dar Saad district of Yemen's restive temporary capital, according to witnesses. He died while on the way to hospital. 

Al-Qaiti was among the most well-respected photojournalists of the conflict in Yemen, rising to prominence during the battle against the Houthi rebels for Aden in 2015, for which the AFP-accredited photographer was nominated for the Rory Peck news award in London.

Since February 2018, Aden has been under the control of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), an insurgent group fighting the Saudi-backed government for the secession of southern Yemen.

US-based Yemeni scholar Fatima Alasrar called Al-Qaiti's murder "absolutely shocking", calling Al-Qaiti a "fierce well-known reporter from #Yemen's South".

Tributes poured in for Al-Qaiti across social media.

Sahar Noman, a journalist with Yemen's Aden TV, said on Twitter that Al-Qaiti was "one of the most prominent photographers of the war in Yemen", and "known for his bravery & high [standard] of photography".

Abdy Yeganeh, the director of conflict mediation group Independent Diplomat, called the news "deeply shocking".

"Nabeel was always at the forefront of giving Southerners directly from the ground a platform to be heard. It's a sad and stark reminder that attacks against the press is a global issue that needs urgent attention," he tweeted.

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