SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom - Samir Kassir Foundation Threatened by a Jordanian MP

Wednesday , 07 December 2011

On Sunday, December 4, 2011, Jordanian MP Mohammad Suleiman Al-Shawabkeh made ​​threats against the Khaberni website because of an error in writing his name, in an article listing the MPs who voted the confidence to the new government. Al-Shawabkeh's middle name "Suleiman" was changed to "Fayez”.

The site published a statement denouncing the threats coming from a representative of the Kindgom’s legislative branch, pointing out the challenges facing media and journalists. And the statement added, "the error in writing the name of the MPs does not deserve all these threats of aggression and the insults that we refrain from publishing. It would have been better to contact the site to inform us of the typo, which we would have immediately corrected. "Khaberni also said that it was not the first time that this MP was disrespectful to the website’s reporters, recalling the insults he had previously made ​​against one of them.

For his part, MP Mohammad Al-Suleiman Shawabkeh denied threatening the Khaberni website and said that the error in writing his name was deliberate and that it was part of a tribal quarrel.

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