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Lebanon - RPS Training Team just back from running Hostile Environment and First Aid Training

Saturday , 07 December 2019
Cath and Nick have just returned from a 4-day HEFAT Course at the Grand Naas Hotel in Bikfaya, Lebanon where they ran training for a group of 16 journalists working in the region. All the course participants work in difficult, remote and often hostile environments within the Middle East, so this training is vital to them.

The course was organised by Elisabet at the ACOS Alliance with all the logistics and coordination in Lebanon being carried out and run by Ayman and his excellent team from the Samir Kassir Foundation (SKEyes). A lot of people and organisations made this training happen and together with the course members, we would like to say thank you to them all. The following organisations either sponsored, contibuted or/and made this excellent course happen, so huge thanks!

What they said

"I enjoyed the practical scenarios the most and it (the training) helps us to be more aware of the threats that might face us and be more prepared." said one participant whose job took him to Syria, amongst other places in the Middle East. 

"Everything was interesting. Cath and Nick's backgrounds are definitely making the difference (through concrete examples). All the tips we had were precious. Enjoyed their listening and understanding."

"Fantastic tuition. Clear and concise" said another course member, a huge thanks to Cath and Nick for their input, enthusiasm and experience in running what was an extremely successful course. The realistic training scenarios really made the difference, "it makes you think about the dangers we expose ourselves to" and all enjoyed the first aid because they "feel they may be able to save a life".

What's covered in our courses?

We always adjust the programme to suit the audience and what they will be doing and where they will be going. The length of the course always depends on how much you want to cover both in the classroom and within practical scenario as well as the pace at which you want the training. This course was designed for journalists working in the Middle East and North Africa, so concentrated on the threats and risks they may face in these countries.

More information?

RPS Partnership runs Hostile Environment Training (HET/HEAT/HEFAT) courses for a variety of organisations and companies in both the UK and at Worldwide locations.

If you want a tailored HEFAT/HEAT/HET course or if you need to get some people trained up in more advanced remote First Aid trauma techniques then please drop us a line. Our regular HET courses run every 2 months in the UK and Germany from January next year, 2020.

Please contact us on or or give us a call on +44(0)1225 290210 for more information and a comprehensive quotation/proposal. Be good to hear from you.

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