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Ogero blocked The961 for nine hours without explaining the reasons

Friday , 12 March 2021

On Wednesday March 10, 2021, Ogero blocked the website The961 for about nine hours, without giving a clear reason that calls for the blocking.

The founder and director of the site, Anthony Kantara, told the SKeyes Center: "Until now, I do not have an explanation for what happened and the reason behind it, but, at around 11:30 pm, we started receiving messages informing us that the site was blocked, so we posted on our Instagram page asking followers if they were facing any problem entering the site, and about 700 messages arrived confirming to us that the site was blocked by Ogero, and the followers cannot access it."

He added, "I contacted the Director-General of Ogero, Imad Kreidieh, who after a few hours of looking into it, confirmed to me that there the site was blocked and was being restored in the next 10 minutes and he asked me if there were any applications on the site concerned with determining the exchange rate of the US dollar against the national currency on the black market or any links to those applications. I told him that we do not have any such applications or links to them, but that we have a section that sheds light on the daily exchange rate like the rest of the sites that publish what is the daily exchange rate on the black market, noting that we publish a sentence in this section warning against using it as an exchange rate and that its publication comes within media reports, so there was no real reason to block the site, and no specific mention of The961 in the judicial order or any Ogero order to include us in the blocking which lasted for about nine hours".

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