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Caroline Hayek winner of the Albert-Londres Prize for her reports in Beirut after the explosion

Source AFP
Monday , 15 November 2021
The Albert-Londres Prize, which rewards the best journalistic reports each year, was awarded on Monday, November 15, 2021 to Caroline Hayek, journalist for L’Orient-Le Jour, a French-speaking Lebanese daily. It rewards his reports made in Beirut after the explosion of the port in August 2020.

Franco-Lebanese journalist Caroline Hayek is the new winner of the very prestigious Albert-Londres Prize, awarded this Monday during a ceremony at the National Library of France. Caroline Hayek works for the large Lebanese French-language daily L’Orient-Le Jour. The distinction, which crowns the best in French-speaking journalism, rewards his series of reports in Beirut in decline since the dramatic explosions of the port on August 4, 2020.For its 83rd edition, the prize coincides with the commemoration of 140 years of the law on the freedom of the press. Caroline Hayek is proud, like Albert Londres at the turn of the century, to “bear the feather in the wounds”. “I am still shocked“, she told France Inter.”It is a huge recognition personally, but also for the newspaper, L’Orient-Le Jour, which really fights to stay present. A lot of media in Lebanon are shutting down“, she explains.

“They open the door for you even if they have nothing”

We will continue, this is only the beginning of the crisis“, she recalls. Caroline Hayek’s reports take place in a Beirut where”nearly 75% of the population is below the poverty line, but where people open the door to their homes, even if they have nothing“. She recounts one of her reports in the Quarantine district, one of the poorest in Beirut, near the port, where”a family opened the door for me, served cookies and tea, while the grandmother explained to me that she was serving potatoes to the little one because they had nothing to eat. Just these little scenes, it’s to carry the feather in the wound“, says the journalist.

Like all the winners of the Albert-Londres Prize, Caroline Hayek wins an endowment of 3,000 euros. At his side, two other titles were awarded: that of the best book for “The snakes will come for you” (ed. Les Arènes Reportage) by Emilienne Malfatto, and that of the best audiovisual report for Léo Mattei and Alex Gohari for “On the line, the expelled from America “broadcast by France Télévisions. This year, the award broke a record for the number of applications, with no less than 90 productions applying for the award for best written press report (nine of which were selected in the final phase), 19 books and 35 audiovisual reports ( only for television, radio being excluded). The only restrictive criterion for candidates, to apply for the Albert-Londres Prize, you must be under 41 years old.

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