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Supporters of Lebanese president attack Al-Jadeed TV office in Beirut

Wednesday , 16 December 2020

On the evening of Tuesday, December 15, 2020, a group of about 10 people wearing masks gathered at Al-Jadeed TV’s Beirut office and threw stones, sticks, and garbage at the building, and spray-painted slogans in support of Lebanese President Michel Aoun, according to news reports and reports by the broadcaster and the SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom, a regional press freedom group.

The attack occurred shortly after the broadcaster aired a report that questioned Aoun’s ability to lead the country. The attackers shouted “Tahseen Khayyat thief,” in reference to the owner of the broadcaster, according to those reports.

Those reports show extensive garbage and graffiti at the office building, but do not report any significant damage or injuries.


Al-Jadeed’s Beirut office has come under attack at least twice before, as CPJ has documented. In February 2019, unidentified assailants in a car threw a hand grenade at the office, damaging the building. In February 2017, a mob of supporters of the Shia party Amal attacked the office with fireworks, firebombs, and rocks.

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