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Funding Opportunities to Support Media Content Production in Lebanon

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Wednesday , 18 November 2020


Media outlets in Lebanon are currently operating under tremendous social, political and economic pressure. Particularly the latter is the most severe, due to the general economic crisis, which has been aggravating since the out-break of the COVID-19 epidemic.
Furthermore, the tragic accident in the harbor of Beirut, had its devastating impact on almost all sectors of economy and aspects of life. Many media organizations were direct victims to the accident, suffered significant material losses and tens of journalists were injured. CFI has a record in supporting media in crisis in different parts of the world. In Lebanon, CFI supported lately an emergency grants program to alleviate the impact of COVID-19 on media outlets. The program had a positive impact on public awareness regarding the health crisis and enabled selected media outlets to do their job: providing correct information and news to the public.

Objectives and priorities

The objective of this funding opportunity, is to support Lebanese small-scale media outlets in their efforts to mitigate the economic crisis and continue rendering their quality services to the general public, especially women and young people.
This funding opportunity encourages media outlets to produce publicly accessible, quality (multi) media content on relevant issues, such as economy, health, justice, environment and gender-oriented issues. Human interest stories are a priority for this opportunity.


This funding opportunity can cover costs related to the production of media content. This might include fees for journalists, cameramen, infographists, editors, technicians, community managers, equipment and field visits costs.

Fees for project managers or other administrative staff are not allowed.

A flat rate of max 7% for management and administration costs is eligible.

This funding opportunity offers a maximum amount of 10,000 EUR per media outlet, if all requirements are met.


- Applicant must be a Lebanese media outlet (or a media outlet based in Lebanon).

- Applicant must submit the attached ‘Technical Offer’ with a short description of the media outlet, a description of the proposed activities, details on the targeted audience and type of content (articles, videos, radio program, podcast or any other format). It is strongly recommended to demonstrate how gender equality and women perspectives as well as representation will be taken into consideration, in the media content and targeted audience.

- The technical offer (3 pages max) must include estimated costs and description for each media content to be produced.

- Applicants must submit more details or information upon request.

- Please fill and send the form below per e-mail to:


- November 23, 2020: Deadline for submission of applications, including the filled format of the technical offer.

- November 30, 2020: Conclusion of the evaluation period

- First week of December: Applicants will receive a notification regarding their applications.

- Duration of the project is (2) months, starting from the contracting date.

About Qarib Project

QARIB is a regional project, implemented by CFI and funded by the French Development Agency (AFD). It supports media outlets operating in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine in order to boost social cohesion, promote the integration of communities and women in particular, and encourage public debate.

For more information please visit:

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