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SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom - Samir Kassir Foundation

Israel Detained Journalists during Al-Shifa Hospital Raid

Friday , 22 March 2024

On Monday, March 18, 2024, the Israeli Army launched a new offensive on the Al-Shifa hospital complex, arresting scores of Palestinians. An unspecified number of journalists, including Mahmoud Elewa, a freelance correspondent for Al-Jazeera TV, and Mohamad Arab, a freelance journalist with Al-Araby TV, were among those held, according to multiple news reports

Arab and Elewa were among the first to report on the hospital raid and the arrest of Al-Jazeera reporter Ismail Al-Ghoul on Monday. Al-Ghoul was released after about 12 hours in Israeli custody.

Telecommunications blackouts have hindered communication with journalists in the area and the outlets were only able to confirm Arab and Elewa’s arrests on Wednesday.

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