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Army Intelligence Seizes Four Pictures in Sidon Exhibition

Monday , 23 December 2019

On December 20, the Lebanese Army Intelligence confiscated four pictures, taken by freelance photographer Ratib Safadi, from a photo exhibition in Sidon’s Elia square.
“We – a group of freelance photographers and photo enthusiasts – organized an exhibition about the Revolution. But even though the Sidon municipality gave us the authorisation to do so, Army Intelligence officers tried to prevent us from organizing the exhibition on the sidewalk and asked us to do it inside the tent, but we insisted on keeping it in the streets and they ended up agreeing,” Safadi said in an interview with SKeyes’ correspondent.
“During the exhibition, an Army Intelligence officer seized four of my pictures. I tried to oppose his decision but he threatened to arrest me. The photos document the Army’s attacks against protesters and some of them show the presence of military personnel,” Safadi added.

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