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Jordanian commentator Nahed Hattar shot to death in Jordan

Sunday , 25 September 2016

The controversial Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar was assassinated on September 25, 2016, outside an Amman court, where he was facing charges of "insulting religion" in connection with a cartoon he shared on Facebook, according to news reports. Relatives at the scene apprehended his killer, the reports said.
Jordanian officials last month had detained the journalist, who was taken into custody on August 13 after he shared a cartoon depicting a bearded man in bed with two women in heaven, ordering God to serve him wine and food. Following Hattar's arrest, a public prosecutor issued a gag order on reporting on the case. Hattar was released on bail in early September, but afforded no protection by the government, despite threats to his life, news reports said.
Some social media accounts of conservatives in Jordan and elsewhere celebrated Hattar's death and said he deserved it for blasphemy.

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