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Fostering Freedom of Expression in Lebanon: SKF's New UNDEF-Funded Project

Monday , 28 February 2022

The Samir Kassir Foundation (SKF) is proud to launch its new, two-year project, entitled “Fostering Freedom of Expression in Lebanon" and funded by The United Nations Democracy Fund.


This project stems from the belief that it is no longer sufficient to repeat that Freedom of Expression in Lebanon is better than in neighboring countries, nor to turn a blind eye to the worrying deterioration that has been taking place over the last years. Violations of freedom of expression including assassinations, detention of journalists on dubious grounds, physical attacks, and the involvement of politically-controlled judiciary bodies in the persecution of the media have resulted in Lebanon dropping in the annual press freedom and democratic governance rankings.


This project aims to contribute to a protective ecosystem for freedom of expression in Lebanon, through a comprehensive, multi-stakeholder, and multi-layered approach, which can halt and reverse the aforementioned trend. SKF will try to garner increased popular and political support for freedom of expression, mainstream journalists’ safety, particularly among media outlets and academic institutions, and advocate for a reformed regulatory framework that guarantees, upholds, and safeguards freedom of expression.

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