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Internet and Jurisdiction Policy Network: User Notification in Online Content Moderation

Tuesday , 01 December 2020
User generated content that is posted or uploaded on platforms managed by internet intermediaries is subject to their terms of service or other rules of that platform. Notifying users about decisions to moderate or restrict their content on a platform is not only an essential element of due process, it may also allow users to provide additional information or modify their upload or posting before any restrictive measure is decided or implemented. User notification also needs to facilitate swift action in cases where there is a risk of harm and allow for content moderation at scale.

To reconcile the practical constraints regarding the timing of user notification while strengthening due process, the Content & Jurisdiction Program Contact Group (which includes the Executive Director of the Samir Kassir Foundation) has prepared a new resource. It examines the different stages in user notification and presents ways in which user notification can be meaningfully implemented.

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