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Leading Resilience: Working with Freelancers Exposed to Trauma

Source ACOS Alliance
Tuesday , 04 August 2020

ACOS Alliance and the Dart Centre Asia Pacific launched a new toolkit entitled Leading Resilience: A Guide for Editors and News Managers. The toolkit contains practical tips and information to help editors assess trauma risks and confidently plan for appropriate support and action. The resource encourages editors to support the psychological safety of all the journalists they work with, and to learn about the particular issues faced by freelancers when it comes to trauma exposure. It aims to facilitate greater dialogue and understanding around this important safety issue. 

The guide is divided into five key sections: Understanding Trauma and Journalism; Trauma and the Freelancer, which looks at the particular issues that may increase the likelihood of on-going trauma exposure among freelancers; step-by-step guidance on how to provide Trauma Support before, during and after an assignment; Myth-Busting, and Self-Care for Managers. The resource’s appendix includes Dart’s psychological health and well-being risk assessment and helpful tip sheets. 

Leading Resilience is an invitation for newsrooms to embed trauma informed journalism within their working practices.

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