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SKeyes Launches its 2013 Press and Cultural Freedom Report

Tuesday , 11 March 2014
 The SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom launched on Wednesday, March 12, 2014, its annual Press and Cultural Freedom report for 2013. The report includes a foreword titled “Breaking the Silence” by the Center’s director Ayman Mhanna as well as detailed analysis of the state of press and cultural freedom in Lebanon (by Firas Talhouk), Syria (by Jaber Bakr), Jordan (by Rima Awad), and Palestine (by Widad Jarbouh). For the first year, the report sheds a spotlight on recent cultural developments in Syria (by Abdullah Amin Hallak) and Palestine (by Eric Reidy). The Center’s editor-in-chief Youssef El-Hachem wrote the report’s conclusion focusing on journalists’ ethical challenges.


The report also highlights major SKeyes activities in 2013 in addition to a series of statistics summarizing the state of freedom of expression in the Levant.


The report is available in Arabic, French and English.


To request printed copies, please contact the SKeyes Center by phone: +9611397331 or email:


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