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Social Media Reaction to SKeyes’ Violation Monitoring: Hasan Shaaban’s Case

Monday , 12 September 2022

Case Study No.6: Photographer Hasan Shaaban Gets Threatened with a Gas Bottle and Two Batteries Under His Car


The Samir Kassir Foundation (SKF) is selecting one case of violations against freedom of expression in Lebanon on a monthly basis and analyzing the reaction garnered on its own social media accounts. The aim is to understand the perception of our own social media audience to our reporting and assess the general level of support to freedom of expression in Lebanon.


In August 2022, SKF chose the case of freelance photographer Hasan Shaaban being threatened by unknown people who placed a gas bottle and two batteries under his car next to the rear tire in Beit Yahoun in South Lebanon. This came after Shaaban was beaten and threatened with death by Hezbollah members after he covered civilian protests in his hometown of Beit Yahoun. The most relevant comments were analyzed in the period from September 1 to 3, 2022.

Out of 200 analyzed accounts, 97% (194) were against the photographer victim of violation, 1.5% (3) were with her, and 1.5% (3) were neutral.


Out of the 200 analyzed accounts, 15% (30) of the users published comments that contained hate speech while 85% (170) of the accounts posted comments that did not contain hate speech.

Out of the 200 analyzed accounts, 1.5% (3) showed affiliation with Amal Movement, 3% (6) showed affiliation with the Hezbollah, 1% (2) with the Lebanese Communist Party, and 95% (190) did not exhibit any visible political affiliation.

Unsurprisingly, 100% of those who showed visible political inclinations posted content directed against Shaaban.

There were significantly more comments posted by male users (108 users) than those posted by female users (92 users). Additionally, more male users (17) posted content that included hate speech than female accounts (13).

This report was made possible through support from the UN Democracy Fund.

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