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SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom - Samir Kassir Foundation

A Fractured Mirror, by Eric Reidy

Tuesday , 13 August 2013

A Fractured Mirror: Beirut’s Cultural Scene and the Search for Identity, by Eric Reidy, highlights the work and experiences of artists living and creating in Beirut. The book sheds light on a cultural movement that has begun and that carries the potential to challenge the geographic, political and sectarian fragmentation of society in Lebanon. Beirut’s current art scene reflects the divisions of today’s society but can also lay the foundations for the emergence of a shared, common identity if the right support for talents is made available.

SKeyes was proud to support and sponsor Eric Reidy’s research and hopes that this book will trigger debate, encourage new talents, and strengthen the initiatives supporting arts and culture.

Printed copies of the book are available, for free, at the Samir Kassir Foundation’s office. To order your copies and for more information, please        

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