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Media Coverage of LGBT Issues in Lebanon

Monday , 16 November 2015

The SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom is proud to release the report on media coverage of LGBT issues in Lebanon, authored by the Maharat Foundation, as part of a European Union funded, joint SKeyes-Maharat project to build the capacity of Lebanese journalists to cover sensitive topics.
The first chapter of the report tackles media coverage of judiciary enforcement of article 534 of the Lebanese Penal Code. This is examined through a review of the evolution of Lebanese jurisprudence, and how it was covered in the media.
The second chapter addresses media coverage of violations against LGBT rights. Chapters three, four and five analyze the media coverage of three cases that caught the attention of the Lebanese public opinion, namely Cinema Plaza, Ghost nightclub and Agha Hammam.
SKeyes, in partnership with the Thomson Foundation, had organized a workshop on the same topic on November 11, 2014.
The report is in Arabic. The introduction and conclusion are available in English.

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