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Free Press Unlimited: Syria Audience Research Study

Friday , 19 February 2021

Free Press Unlimited (FPU) contracted a team of international and Syrian research experts to design and conduct an audience research study of media consumers in Syria. The objective of this research study was to provide data about and insights into the media consumption patterns and he information needs of the Syrian audience as well as their perceptions and attitudes towards media. These findings can help FPU and their partners to gain a greater perspective on the audience groups in Syria and hereby contribute to improving their programmatic strategies. Furthermore, this will inform independent media organizations about how hey are perceived within Syria and how best to fulfil the information needs of Syrians as part of an effective, organized and professional Syrian media landscape.

The data was collected during September and October 2020 in seven different locations inside Syria in order to gain a diverse range of perspectives from Syrian audience groups, focusing on individuals with different religious, political, ethnic and social backgrounds as well as age, gender and education differences.

Combining qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection, the design of this research study applied a mixed-method approach and conducted six different types of data collection across seven locations.

The Arabic version is available on this link.

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