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Fighting Misinformation and Defending Free Expression during COVID-19

Source Access Now
Wednesday , 22 April 2020
On Wednesday, April 22, 2020, Access Now launched its new report "Fighting Misinformation and Defending Free Expression during COVID-19: Recommendations for States."

The paper provides clear, achievable recommendations to governments for protecting freedom of expression and opinion, and the right to impart and receive information. Real-life, global case studies – from Ethiopia to Hungary, Tunisia to the U.S. – support and contextualize the guidance.

The new publication provides a blueprint for government responses that:

  • Ensure the enjoyment of freedom of expression and of opinion; 

  • Ensure adequate access to reliable and timely information;

  • Use criminal law measures only as the last resort;

  • Prevent discrimination and incitement to hatred against certain groups; and

  • Promote public health.

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