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Lebanon Talks 2020: Analysis and Recommendations

Source Lebanon Talks
Wednesday , 23 December 2020

The goal of this report is to showcase the insights gained from the conference and panel discussions organised by LebanonTalks on October 17th, 2020, and use them to advocate for change. The report summarises the specific challenges discussed in each of the four panels of the conference, the recommendations proposed by the panellists, and examines how to implement them. We aim to use this report as a call to action for critical state and non-state actors, both in Lebanon and abroad.

For every panel, we first identify the main challenges to address. Lebanon faces a multitude of deeply interlinked social, political and economic issues, and each of the panels focuses on a different facet of the crisis. This report breaks down the specific question each panel answered and frames it within the broader Lebanese socio-economic and political context, both before and after October 17th 2019.

We then offer avenues for change and improvement in the form of possible actions to be taken by stakeholders from the public and private sector, civil society and international actors. The exchange of ideas between experts from different fields and audience members led to meaningful insights on potential solutions we used to write measurable policy recommendations.

The four panels can be read independently of each other. Overall, they present a comprehensive view of the current issues discussed.

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